Book Review – Eleanor & Park

*This review may contain spoilers*

When I finished this book, all I could think of was “I’m not sure how I feel about this book”.

41hb6rmawdl-_sx320_bo1204203200_For the few people left who haven’t read this novel yet, Eleanor & Park is the story of two teenagers who end up sitting next to each other on the school bus, and eventually fall in love.

I have very mixed feelings about Eleanor & Park, which is a shame as I was expecting to enjoy it, considering the amount of praise it got. I like Rowell’s writing – I find that many YA novels’ writings is way too simple, but the writer seems to keep the same style both in her YA and Adult fiction books.

What I struggle with, however, is the plot. I find this story really hard to believe – I cannot believe anyone in the neighbourhood (especially Park’s father who know everything about it!) helped Eleanor with her abusive step-father. It probably would have been a completely different story, but this detail kind of ruined the story for me.

I do, however, appreciate the fact that Rowell chose ‘unusual’ characters for her novel (Eleanor is fat and Park is half-Korean) – it’s refreshing not having to constantly read stories involving ‘perfect’ teenagers.

Although this is a page-turner, I did not find myself entertained as I did with Attachments, but I am looking forward to reading more novels from the same author.

If you have read this book, please do let me know what you think of it in the comment, I’d love to hear your thoughts about it!

Lorraine x

Recent Favourites & Life Update

You’re probably all bored of me saying ‘I’m back! (Again)’, so let’s just skip this bit!

I am about to start a master’s degree at the university of Sussex which means I have moved to Brighton – so exciting! I have spent the last couple of weeks or so decorating my new bedroom, exploring the new city and desperately trying to find a new job (that hasn’t happened yet). So far I am really loving Brighton, it’s very different from Oxford (where I live before) but honestly I really needed a change of scenery, and I can’t wait to explore it even more and share it with you!

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
Royal Pavilion, Brighton

This year I have also been trying to take my GoodReads reading challenge seriously, as I have failed miserably every single year. I don’t want to write too much about it as I’d like to write a post about it towards the end of the year, but I am quickly going to mention the three books that I have read in August.
I was expecting to fall in love with The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro as I really enjoyed Never Let Me Go, but I have to say I was somewhat disappointed. People who know me will know how much I dislike fantasy as a genre, however the first 100 pages of the novel sounded really promising: an elderly couple living in a land where a mysterious mist makes people forget about the past leave their village in order to find their son, although they don’t actually know where he lives. Although the book is beautifully written, I soon lost interest in the story, and only found myself enjoying it again right at the end. I really wanted to enjoy this book, and maybe I would have if the book wasn’t so… long?
I bought High Fidelity by Nick Hornby around three years ago after seeing the film and I finally managed to read it. As expected, the book is very enjoyable, funny and easy to read. There are some major differences between the book and the film (the novel is set in England, the film in the USA), however I recommend both if you’re a fan of Nick Hornby.
Finally, I decided to pick Attachments by Rainbow Powell, as I have heard a lot about this author recently. I wasn’t sure what to expect of this novel, as I was worried it was aimed at a younger audience, but I found myself enjoying this book and I actually managed to read it in just over a day. I can’t say the plot is very realistic, but this is nonetheless a cute book and a good read if you’re in need of some light reading.


Another random life update – I bought myself my first TV! I didn’t mind watching films on my laptop, but a bigger screen makes the whole experience much nicer. And as I am rubbish at watching programmes on catch-up, I can now watch them live and don’t miss out on my favourite shows! And as I currently have a lot (read: too much) time on my hands, I have been able to watch quite a few films, of which I really enjoyed three of them.
I decided to watch Hanna mainly because 1) it’s directed by Joe Wright (who directed Pride&Prejudice aka my favourite film), and 2) it stars Saoirse Ronan (also in Atonement & Brooklyn, which I love love love). Now this is very different from the other films I mentioned, as it’s the story of a teenager who’s been raised to be the perfect killer, and has always lived in isolation. I would highly recommend it if you are into action and/or thrillers, as this is a very enjoyable film to watch. The other day I also watched Ellen, a TV-film made by Channel 4. This is the sort of films which I love because they make me angry: it’s the story of a troubled 14-year-old girl (played by Jessica Barden, who is also in Hanna) who tries to make new friendships with girls her age, whilst also depending on older men. This is not a happy film, but it’s well worth watching it.
I am going to end with a completely different film. I like romantic films, however I hate cheesy romcoms. But I was bored, so I decided to watch Chalet Girl... and I hate to admit this, but I quite liked it…. I wouldn’t normally put this in my ‘favourites’, however it was so unexpected that I couldn’t not mention it. I guess it’s mainly due to the fact that it’s a British film (although if you watch the trailer on IMDb it has that horrible American voice which could suggest the film is one of those cheesy romcoms). It’s very predictable, but it’s heart-warming and I found myself smiling throughout the entire film, so it can’t be that bad!


I am going to stop here as I don’t want this post to be too long. Hope you’ve all had a lovely summer, let me know what you’ve been up to!

Lorraine x

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Updated Make-Up Routine

(I thought I would try something new and write this blog post both in English and French! Hope you enjoy x)

Long time no see! I’ve been a bit (a lot) busy this third year of university, but as it’s finally over and I graduated I thought I would make the most of my time off and come back on the blog. I thought I would come back with an updated everyday make up routine, as I haven’t done one in ages.

  • Bobbi Brown SPF 15 Tinted Moisturiser (Alabaster shade) – I really like this on days when my skin is looking good, as it gives a tiny bit of coverage and looks very natural. It’s also great for the summer as it feels weightless on the skin whilst keeping it hydrated at the same time. As mentioned, the only downside is that it is not recommended for people with a lot of imperfection – luckily my skin is clear but I do need concealer to cover my redness completely.
  • Estée Lauder Double Wear Brush-On Glow BB Highlighter (Shade 0N) – What a mouthful! This is what I use to cover my redness once I’ve applied the tinted moisturiser. It also has a very natural finish and leaves a really nice glow to the skin. I would particularly recommend it if you have fair skin as they have a good range of shades.
  • Bobbi Brown Nude Finish Illuminating Powder (Shade Golden) – This is the most expensive make-up product that I own, but no regrets! I use this as a bronzer and I love it – it’s not too pigmented so you can’t go wrong, and it does not look orange on my fair skin. I rarely wore bronzer in the past because I thought it didn’t suit me but this one changed everything!
  • Mac Powder Blush (Peaches) – I don’t wear blush everyday, but when I do this is the one I currently reach for. I particularly like this on a sunny summery day to give some  colour on my cheeks, however the summer has been so rubbish so far that I haven’t had the chance to wear this a lot.
  • Lancome Waterproof Eyebrow Gel (02 Auburn) – I’ve always used retractable pencils to fill my eyebrows, but they do run out fairly quickly considering how much you pay for them! So I thought I would try this eyebrow gel for a change as I had heard good things about it. The main positive point for me is that this product is definitely great value for money! Don’t get me wrong, £19 for an eyebrow gel is not cheap, but I’ve been using it for over six months now and I’ve probably used about a third of the product, so you do get what you paid for. I just wished it came in more shades, Auburn is way too dark and red-toned for me, yet it’s the closest shade to my natural colour.
  • Nars Duo Eyeshadow (Silk Road) – Not much to say about this really, the eyeshadows are not too pigmented so they’re ideal for word. However I don’t think this is worth £25 as you can find better quality eyeshadows for a fraction of the price.
  • Bobbi Brown Intensifying Long-Wear Mascara – Now this is a very interesting mascara.. when I first saw its wand I thought it was an eyebrow product because of how tiny it is! This mascara is ideal for daytime use: it separates the lashes and gives a lot of definition whilst looking extremely natural at the same time. It is very long-lasting and does not smudges or has any fallouts throughout the day. I would highly recommend it unless you like very black/more noticeable mascaras, in which case this will probably be a disappointment.

That’s it for my make-up routine! I didn’t include lipstick as I wear a different one every day. I hope you enjoyed reading it – let me know what you’ve been wearing a lot recently, or if you’ve tried any of the products I’ve mentioned!


 Ça fait si longtemps que je n’écris pas sur mon blog ! J’ai été un peu (voire très) occupée car je viens de finir ma troisième et dernière année universitaire, mais maintenant que j’ai ma licence j’en profite du temps libre pour vous écrire ma routine maquillage, car ça fait longtemps que je n’en ai pas fait.

  • Bobbi Brown Hydratant Teinté SPF 15 (Teinte Alabaster) – J’aime beaucoup ce produit quand ma peau est en bon état, car il donne un peu de couvrance tout en restant très naturel. Ce produit est aussi idéal pour l’été car il est extrêmement léger sur la peau et l’hydrate en même temps. Le seul b molle c ‘est qu’il ne convient pas aux peaux à imperfections – j’avoue que j’ai de la chance de ce côté là, par contre j’ai besoin d’un correcteur pour camoufler mes rougeurs complètement.
  • Estée Lauder Double Wear Brush-On Glow BB Pinceau Éclat Lumière (Teinte 0N) -Il n’y a pas plus long comme nom pour un produit ! Ceci est le produit que j’utilise pour camoufler mes rougeurs, il a un rendu très naturel et il apporte beaucoup de luminosité. Je le recommande surtout si vous avez la peau très pale, car ils ont plein de teintes différentes.
  • Bobbi Brown Poudre Éclat Naturel (Teinte Golden) – J’avoue, c’est le produit le plus cher que je possède, mais aucun regret ! Je l’utilise en tant que bronzeur et je l’adore – il est pas trop pigmenté ce qui fait qu’on ne peu pas se tromper et en mettre trop, et en plus de ça il n’a pas un rendu orange sur ma peau très claire. Je n’appliquais jamais de bronzeur car je ne trouvais pas le rendu joli sur ma peau, mais ce produit est une révolution !
  • Fard à Joues MAC (Teinte Peaches) – Je n‘applique pas de fard à joues tous les jours, mais quand je décide d ‘en mettre c’est celui-ci que j’applique en ce moment. Je trouve cette couleur très adaptée aux belles journées ensoleillées, car c’est une belle couleur estivale. Par contre l’été en Angleterre n’a pas vraiment commencé, donc en attendant ce fard à joues reste dans ma trousse de maquillage.
  • Lancôme Gel-Crème Sourcils Waterproof (Teinte 02 Auburn) – J’ai toujours utilisé des crayons rétractables pour remplir mes sourcils, mais ils ne durent jamais très longtemps par rapport au prix qu’ils coutent. J’ai donc voulu essayer ce gel après avoir lu pleins d’avis positifs. À mon avis la meilleure qualité de ce produit est son rapport qualité/prix : on est tous d’accord, 22 € pour un gel sourcils c’est cher, mais ça fait maintenant plus de six mois que je l’utilise et j’en suis qu’à un tiers du produit, donc ça vaut vraiment le coup ! Par contre il faudrait qu’ils sortent de nouvelles teintes, car Auburn est bien trop foncé par rapport à ma couleur naturelle.
  • Nars Duo d’Ombres à Paupières (Silk Road) – Bof, rien de spécial, ces fards ne sont pas trop pigmentés ce qui est idéal pour quand je vais travailler. Par contre je trouve que c’est très cher pour ce que c’est, on peu très facilement trouver des fards de meilleure qualité à un prix beaucoup plus intéressant.
  • Bobbi Brown Intensifying Long-Wear Mascara – Ceci est un mascara… très intéressant. Quand j’ai vu sa brosse pour la première fois je me suis demandé si c’était un mascara pour les cils ou bien pour les sourcils, tellement elle est petite ! Ce produit est idéal pour la journée : il sépare bien les cils et leur donne beaucoup de définition, tout en restant très naturel. Il n’est pas waterproof, par contre il ne bouge pas et il n’y a aucune chute visible même après une journée entière passée au travail. Je le recommande à tout le monde, sauf si vous aimez les mascaras très noirs, ou qui se font plus remarquer.

C’est tout pour ma routine maquillage ! Je n’ai pas inclus de rouges à lèvres car je change tous les jours. Dites-moi dans les commentaires ce que vous avez utilisé récemment, ou si vous avez testé un ou même plusieurs produits dont je viens de vous parler !

Lorraine x

Empties – January 2016

January is already over! Only a few months left until my graduation – how scary is that! This month I’ve been incredibly lazy so I have only managed to empty a couple of products… which is not a bad thing considering my empties posts are always really long!

Garnier Micellar Water for Combination Skin (£4.99 for 400ml)

So many people have raved about this product, stating that it is as good as the Bioderma micellar water. I own the Bioderma micellar water for oily skin and, honestly, I do not agree – in my opinion Bioderma is slightly better. However, I completely understand the hype: 400ml for £4.99 is a bargain, and it is a fairly good quality product. So why would you pay £10.50 (!!!) for 250ml of Bioderma when you can get more product for half the price? I am lucky enough to go to France regularly where Bioderma is way cheaper, but as much as I love Bioderma as a brand, it is a lot of money. The only reason why I didn’t love the Garnier micellar water is that I find it a bit drying, especially around my eyes, and it takes a bit of rubbing to get my mascara off. Overall not the best micellar water I have tried, but for the price you can’t go wrong!

Le Petit Marseillais Après Shampooing Nutrition Intense

Meh. This product did absolutely nothing to my hair. It is targeted for very dry hair, so I was expecting a fairly thick conditioner, but this product is exactly the opposite. It smells OK but nothing special. I have another bottle to use up but I would not be repurchasing it.

Tresemmé Moisture Rich Luxurious Moisture Shampoo (£5.24 for 900ml)

I had the 500ml bottle but £5.24 for 900ml? Now that’s really cheap! However I am not planning on buying this shampoo again, as this is another haircare product that did nothing to my hair whatsoever. Why is it so hard to find a shampoo/drugstore from the high street that actually does something? I’ve tried so many brands and they all seem the same to me. If you have any suggestions please do tell me in the comments because I really need a good shampoo for dry hair, and I’d like not to spend a fortune.


That’s it for my first empties of the year! Have you tried any of these products?


Lorraine x

2015 Favourites

Guess who’s back???

Ok, I’m not expecting you to be this excited, but I definitely am. It’s been so long! Third year is a nightmare, I’ve got so much work to do and having a part-time job on the side means that I’ve got no free time at all. So please excuse me if I have been absent a lot, I’ll try my best to post more regularly, but I’ll probably limit myself to one post every other week. It’s not a lot, sadly, but I need to prioritise my uni work.

So here I am with my early favourites! It’s really hard to pick them – I’m so obsessed with trying to find the new best thing that I often forget about the products that I appreciate. However I’ve been looking through my empties post and what I’m currently using and I made a little list to which I’m also going to include some major disappointments.


Bobbi Brown make-up: I decided to include the brand itself because I first tried it in 2015 and so far I love everything that I’ve tried from them. Their base products (foundation and tinted moisturiser) are simply stunning: not only is the lightest shade perfect (not too pink nor too yellow – which is SO hard to find!) but they apply beautifully, they are long-lasting and look so natural on the skin, which is everything I’m looking for in a foundation. Another long lasting product is their eyeshadow stick – I own the colour 24 Karat which is the most beautiful gold colour – it’s so easy and quick to apply and it lasts forever! Finally, the lipstick I own is also really nice – it’s not a matte finish but it doesn’t look shiny at all and it’s not too creamy, and the formula is very hydrating but doesn’t feel heavy on the lips at the same time.

Make Up For Ever HD powder: this is the lightest powder I’ve ever tried. You cannot feel it on your face at all and it does its job without making you look like you’ve got a ton of product on your face. The only downside is that I wish it kept my face shine-free for a little bit longer. Also quick mention to the Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot – I have to admit I had low expectations for this powder but I was surprised at how good this is – it’s as good as the MUFE powder and it’s bag-friendly!

Estee Lauder Double-Wear Zero-Smudge Lengthening mascara: words cannot express how much I miss this mascara. If you are looking for long, voluminous, beautiful yet natural-looking lashes, then this is the mascara for you. It’s not the blackest mascara, but it’s perfect for daytime and work and I feel like I will be repurchasing this later in the year.

MAC matte lipstick in Please Me: If you’ve tried the Rimmel Kate Moss matte lipstick in the shade 101, then Please Me is simply a better version of it. The colour is more intense, it is more matte and therefore lasts longer. It doesn’t feel uncomfortable and doesn’t dry my lips. It’s definitely one of my favourite day-time lipsticks and I can’t wait to try some more colours from the same range!


Avene Cleanance Expert: I loved this moisturiser for the day time! It sinks into the skin in no time, It keeps shine at bay and your skin is so smooth and ready for make-up! It’s not the cheapest Avene moisturiser but it’s definitely worth the splurge.

Oil-based make-up removers: 2015 was the year I finally realised that you can use oils despite having oily/combination skin. I used to swear by micellar waters but even Bioderma cannot remove mascara and eyeliner like oils do. They do take more of your time but they’re so effective that I haven’t look back since.

Superfacialist Rose Hydrate Face Scrub: another product that surprised me. All the face scrubs I have tried before seem the same to me – they appear to be regular foaming face cleanser with tiny scrubby grains inside that you can hardly feel on your face and that do not do much at all. I was expecting the Superfacialist one to be the same – it comes out as a cream, like the cleanser of the same range, but as you start massaging it onto your face you’re left with the scrubby grains only: they are bigger than usual, and you can definitely feel them working! You may feel like they’re going to hurt your skin and leave it dry, but as you rinse it off you’re left with a light hydrating film on your skin. How magic is that!


Only one product in this category, and it’s the Neutrogena anti dandruff shampoo. This is the only product I’ve tired that actually gets rid of my dandruff – I only need to use this twice in a week and the I’m usually dandruff-free for one to two months. It costs just under£7 I believe which isn’t cheap but I only use where I need to – I’ve had it for around six months and I’m only half-way through.

Now onto the disappointing products! Luckily they’re not as many as the favourites. I’m very disappointed with Benefit as a brand – I really don’t get the hype, everything is so overpriced and average in my opinion! Their push-up liner is a disaster, so hard to apply and even harder to take off! And their eyebrow pencil is also over priced for the amount of time it lasts: it is so waxy that you easily get to the end in less than a month. The Bourjois powder blush in the shade Rose Eclat is also a major disappointment: I can’t speak for all the shades but the one I’ve got is one of those products that look so pigmented when you swatch it but you don’t get anything when you apply it on your cheeks. It’s either too much or nothing at all, but there is no way I can get a nice and even colour. Finally, Avene micellar water is a bit of a fail and I’m glad I’m not the only one to think so. How can a pharmacy brand, known for their products targeted for sensitive skin, create a make-up remover that stings the eyes? It removes make-up beautifully but if you have sensitive eyes stay away from it!

And that’s it for my first – and hopefully not last – post of 2016! I know I’m a bit late for this kind of post but I’d love to know what you loved/hated in 2015! Hope you have an amazing year!

Lorraine x

Speedy Review – Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturiser

If you’re looking for a lightweight base to even out your skin but still look like you have absolutely no make-up on, then don’t look any further. It took me a while to find my perfect base for work, but a trip to Selfridges made me discover this gem and now I can’t live without it. Should I also mention that this is the first EVER base to that matches my skin tone perfectly? Whilst every single foundation I’ve tried looks either too orange or too pink when I first apply it, the lightest shade in the range – Alabaster – is a very pale, neutral colour which should definitely work on all kind of pale skins, whether you have yellow or pink undertones. Sadly, all of this comes at a price: £29.50 for a tinted moisturiser isn’t cheap, however it must be said that you do get 50ml of product, rather than the usual 30ml you normally get when buying a foundation. The texture is very creamy and hydrating: it does take a while to dry completely but on the plus side it doesn’t dry my skin and I haven’t noticed one single dry patch since using this product; this tinted moisturiser is also oil free so it is suitable for all skin types. The staying power is also pretty impressive – it might not look perfect after 8 hours of work, but my skin (except for my super red nose) still look nice and even. Sadly I can’t use this on nights out as I like more coverage, but thanks to the amazing shades I now know where to buy my new foundation!

My Haircare Routine

I never really cared about what products I used on my hair. Whatever I did, they used to get greasy which meant that I washed them frequently. However, about a year ago, I decided to reduce the number of weekly washes to two per week, and as a consequence my hair type changed drastically. No more greasy hair! Which is great, but not so great compared to dry hair, which is what I have now. I guess it might also be due to the fact that temperatures in England are much lower than in Italy so my hair doesn’t get as oily as it used to. So in this post I want to show you my haircare routine, and how I try to keep it as nourished as possible.
I didn’t mention this in my introduction, but I also suffer from dandruff. It’s not a permanent problem, but is rather due to the change of weather or stress. It’s incredibly hard to find a good anti-dandruff shampoo unless you buy it online – the most popular brand has to be Head & Shoulder but that dries my hair like crazy. So one day I decided to look carefully at every single shampoo my local Boots stocks, until I found the Neutrogena shampoo in a tiny little corner where they keep the specialist shampoos. This product is a life saviour: as it is a shampoo and conditioner in one, it does not dry my hair at all. It does not foam a lot which is not an inconvenient for me as I only massage it where I need it the most and in two washes my dandruff was gone.

I then go on to wash the rest of my hair with a shampoo for dry hair – the one I am using at the moment is from Tresemmé (which is not the one pictured in the photo, as I’ve only just realised, I apologise). Honestly I have never found a shampoo that genuinely impressed me, so I don’t really care about which brand I’m using, as long as the shampoo is for dry hair. The last step is conditioner/mask, which I alternate every time I wash my hair. The conditioner I am using is from Mark Hill: it’s neither amazing nor horrible, however I really dislike its scent, as opposed to my Saint Algue Syoss mask’s scent, which is really pleasant. Just like the conditioner, the mask isn’t anything special, and in terms of performance I can’t really see a big difference.

haircare routine

Blow-drying my hair has never been an option for me – although I keep reading that blow-drying your hair is not good at all, there is no way I can let my hair dry naturally, as I have a TON of hair (which is also quite thick) and that literally takes a day to dry! So a heat-protection spray is essential to make sure the heat doesn’t damage my hair too much. The one I am using at the moment is from Lee Stafford, which I have to say it is rather expensive for a high street brand. Its alcohol scent is very strong (as alcohol is, unsurprisingly, the first ingredient), but surprisingly it doesn’t dry my hair. I then apply a leave-in conditioner from Aussie which is quite nice but I wish it would spray the product more evenly, and I finish by applying the Ogx coconut milk on my ends (I would recommend this product just for its amazing coconut smell!).

haircare routine

Oh, and before I do all this, I apply Le Petit Marseillais Argan Oil which I leave on for 15 minutes.

So do all these products combined make my hair super hydrated? I guess so. They are definitely in a better condition, but I don’t like using these many product to achieve this result. I have always believed that less is more, so I would be more than happy to cut the number of products I use as soon as I found one great shampoo and one great conditioner/mask. Do you lovely people have any suggestions? I’d be more than grateful.

Lorraine x

Products mentioned:
Neutrogena TGel Anti-Dandruff Dermatological Shampoo for Dry Hair (£6.99 for 250ml)
TRESemmé Moisture Rich Luxurious Moisture Shampoo (£5.24 for 900ml)
Mark Hill MiracOILicious Nourishing Conditioner (£6.49 for 250ml)
Saint Algue Syoss Masque Réparateur 60 secondes (5.90€ ? for 200ml)
Lee Stafford ARGANOIL from Morocco Heat Defence Spray (£12.99 for 200ml)
Aussie Miracle Recharge Moisture Infuser Leave-In Conditioner (£4.69 for 250ml)
Ogx Nourishing Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum (£7.35 for 118ml)
Le Petit Marseillais Huile Elixir Soin Avant-Shampooing Argan & Karité (? for 150ml)

Would you rather?

Yep, another tag… I feel bad not writing a proper blog post but although I have a ton of ideas I just can’t find the time at the moment… but a tag is better than nothing, right?

Would you rather lose all of your mascaras, eyeliners, lipsticks, and lipglosses or lose all of your palettes and eyeshadows?
Palettes and eyeshadows. I don’t even own one single palette as I never go crazy with my eyeshadows. And what’s the point of wearing makeup if you can’t use mascaras or lipsticks?

Would you rather chop off all your hair or never be able to cut it again?
Ehm… Never be able to cut it again? It sounds awful, hopefully they’ll stop growing once it’s reached a certain length 😛

Would you rather have a coral cheek or a pink cheek?
Although I like coral blushes, I think pink suits me best.

If you had $1000 to spend, would you rather buy clothes or makeup?
Clothes, for sure. They’re way more expensive than makeup so I rarely go clothes shopping.

Would you rather apply lipstick as eyeliner, or eyeliner as lipstick?
Lipstick as eyeliner. Surely a red eyeliner wouldn’t look as ridiculous as black lips?

Would you rather only shop at MAC or Sephora?
Sephora. I really like MAC, but I couldn’t commit to one brand for the rest of my life. ALSO… There’s a MAC counter in the Sephora in Champs-Elysées in Paris… 😉

Would you rather only use one eyeshadow color or one lip color for the rest of your life?
One eyeshadow colour.. I’m pretty much wearing the same colour everyday already so that wouldn’t actually make much difference.

Would you rather wear winter clothes in summer or summer clothes in winter?
Winter clothes in summer. In Italy, where I used to live, I would have answered differently, but now I’m in the UK there’s no way I could wear summer clothes in winter. And I’m currently wearing a jumper. In August. Because I’m freezing.

Would you rather have dark nails or bright nails all year round?
Dark nails, obviously! Dark greys and reds are my favourites.

Would you rather give up your favorite lip product or your favorite eye product?
Again, eye products. It’s quite easy to find good eyeshadows in most brands, however I would be really sad if they discontinued my favourite lipsticks.

Would you rather only be able to wear your hair in a ponytail or a messy bun?
I’d go for the messy bun. I have a ton of hair and they’re quite thick, so I don’t like how they look in a ponytail.

Would your rather never be able to paint your nails again or never use lipgloss?
I NEVER wear lipgloss. So the choice is easy.

Would you rather shave your eyebrows and have none at all or sharpie them in everyday?
This is such a weird question… But I guess that drawing them with a sharpie is better than not having any eyebrows at all?

Would you rather live without makeup or nail polish?
Nail polish, even though that would be really hard as I wear it all the time. But giving up on makeup would mean giving up on lots of different products… so it’s going to have to be nail polish.

I promise you I’ll put more effort in my next blog post! In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed this tag (:

Lorraine x

Empties – July 2015

I have a day off! Hooray! I haven’t had one in… a month? I went back home in France for a week, then my parents came here in England for a week, I moved house, I worked an extra 3-4 days each week… so many things happened!

Anyway, as my empties posts tend to be pretty long, I’m going to keep the introduction as short as possible and start with the reviews 🙂 Continue reading “Empties – July 2015”